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Tenmars TM-4002 Hot-Wire Anemometer Air Velocity Meter with Temp & Humidity

0.01 to 40.00 m/s, -20 to 60 Deg C

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Cornet ElectroSmog ED88T EMF RF/LF/ELF (Tri-Mode) Field Strength Power Gauss Meter

RF radiation pollutions measurement 100Mhz-8Ghz, Gauss Meter 0.1mG-600mG, E-field Meter

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BRAMC AIR Quality Monitor PM2.5 and Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Formaldehyde range: 0 to 3.0mg/m ³ & PM2.5 range: 0 to 999μg /m³

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50Kg 110Lb Digital Luggage Scales w/ Measuring Roller
50.0Kg/100g, 110.0Lb/0.2Lb, Length & Volume measurment
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CEM IR-95 Food Safety Infrared Thermometer with Probe
Food Thermometer with Sac-Singlas Calibration Certificate. D:S = 4:1
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ViTiny UM06 Table-Top Autofocus Digital Microscope with Gooseneck Light

5 MP, Auto focus, 30x LED lighting control, 23X~273X, Goose Neck Light Set

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EMFields The Acousticom 2 microwave detector (200MHz to 8GHz)
Electromog detector with 8 levels LED indicator
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Heliognosis Experimental Life Energy Meter (LM4)
Built in small flat plate electrode & external tube electrode
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2Kg/0.1g Professional Digital Pocket Scales

Mode: g/oz/gn/ct/ozt/dwt and counting funtion

SG$  53.95  39.95  
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ViTiny UM05 Handheld USB Digital Autofocus Microscope

2 MP, Auto focus, 4x LEDs and 1X~80X, 320x on 22" monitor

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USB Air Purifier / Negative Ioniser with USB 4 Ports Hub

Using E-ionic breeze technology to produce negative oxygen ions, and 4 ports USB Hub for your computer

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The Ghost Meter Pro, EMF Detection Meter

Paranormal Ghost Hunting Detector with 4 modes selection.

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Special Promotions
Cornet ElectroSmog MD18 EMF RF Field Strength Power Meter with build-in Frequency counter
Cornet ElectroSmog MD18 EMF RF Field Strength Power Meter with build-in Frequency counter
SG$  298.00  268.00  

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