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Benetech GM8908 Digital Anemometer
Measure Wind Speed & Temperature, 0 to 30 m/s, -10 to +45C
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CEM IR-97 Food Safety Infrared Thermometer HACCP indication light
thermometer for surface scans with a probe for internal temperature readings. D:S = 20:1
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Benetech GM3120 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester
Radiation meter to test electric field and magnetic field, 5Hz to 3.5GHz
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500g/0.01g Digital "iPhone" Pocket Scales
Classic gloss white "iPhone" look alike digital pocket scale in 500g x 0.01g
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The Ghost Meter Pro, EMF Detection Meter
Paranormal Ghost Hunting Detector with 4 modes selection.
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TM1390 Electromagnetic Field Tester / Guass Meter
Frequency: 30Hz ~ 300Hz, Rang: 200/2000mG (Gauss), 20/200uT (Tesla)
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Tenmars TM-190 Multi-Field EMF Meter / Gauss Meter
Mesures Electromagnetic Field ( 3-axis ), Electric Field & RF Strength Field
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5mW Laser Pointer with 5 Kaleifoscopic Patterns
5-in-1 laser pointer with 5 exchangeable caps, Color: Green / Red / Violet
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GMM Mini Wide Base Tripod for smartphone selfie monopod stick
Fix attachment, wide base 320 mm diameter, extendable to 155mm
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Portable Neck Air Purifier / Negative Ions Ionizer
Emission 3.5 million negative ions per cubic cm
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Trifield Electromagnetic Meter 3-Axis EMF Detector Model 100XE
Electromagnetic pollution meter (magnetic, electric, microwave fields)
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Cornet ElectroSmog ED15C EMF RF Field Strength Power Meter 100MHz-3GHz
Unique, handy tool for your personal Electromagnetic wave exposure detection.
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Cornet ElectroSmog ED78S EMF RF/LF (Dual Mode) Field Strength Power Gauss Meter
RF radiation pollutions measurement with 100Mhz-8Ghz & Gauss Meter 0.1mG-500mG, Audio Alarm
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SOEKS Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector
Measurement of cumulative dose up to 100 Sv
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Car Air Purifier / Negative Ions Ionizer
Using E-ionic breeze technology to produce negative oxygen ions
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Special Promotions
Soeks Impulse Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meter
Soeks Impulse Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meter
S$  208.00  189.95  

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