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Paranormal KII K2 EMF Meter (Black) for Ghost Hunting
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Paranormal KII K2 EMF Meter (Black) for Ghost Hunting

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The KII EMF Meter (Black)
THE K2 EMF meter - a.k.a. K-II meter, K2 meter, Safe Range Meter

Fun - Simple - Thrilling!

Great For Traveling to Check Out Your Hotel Rooms, Cemeteries, Historical Buildings and More!

New Model from Manufacturer! No more non-factory made constant on-off switch modifications that could potentially affect the original circuitry and reliability of the KII meter!

The K2 EMF meter is a powerful fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 50-20,000 Hz. This makes the K2 EMF meter a great instrument for both Paranormal Research and for finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in your home or work environment. The K2 EMF meter is pocket sized so that you can always be ready to take a reading! The K2 EMF meter is a high quality rugged meter that is designed and manufactured with great pride in the U.S.A.!

DISCLAIMER: There is only one real K-II EMF meter (also known as the K2 meter, K2 EMF meter, KII EMF meter or Safe Range Meter) and that is the one offered for sale here.  It was supply directly from the master distributor for the K2 meter and since 2001 we have marketed the the K2 meter. Any other meter called K2,K3,K4 or K5 (and so on) have nothing to do with the K2 EMF meter and are not produced by or for us.

Why the K-II EMF meter is the EMF meter you should buy:

  1. Incredible results in paranormal reserach! Read the Testimonials sent in to us by users!
  2. Economical Battery Life. Comes with a quality 9V battery installed, that will last for a very long time (3-6 months of frequent use - 12 months of normal use).
  3. Durable = Hard durable plastic case that withstands rain and dropping on hard surfaces. It will not break from being used causally or accidentally being dropped. One can almost say that the meter is unbreakable. It is definitely very rugged.
  4. Easy to read in the dark! Led lights light up in different colors tells you the strength of the EMFs! The led lights are so easy to read. You can't miss the paranormal spikes since the lights suddenly flash. Much easier to read then other meters with digital readings or needles.
  5. YOU CAN VIEW THE READINGS FROM FAR AWAY (as seen on GHOST HUNTERS). This is only possible with an EMF meter with led lights as large and clear as this meter.
  6. Easy to use!
  7. Easy to carry with you in your pocket or purse! Fits in your hand and weighs only 3.8 oz (106 g)! 5.5 inches (13.5 cm) long, 2 inches (5 cm) wide and 1 inch (2.5 cm) in depth.This means that you can always be ready to take readings!
  8. The meter is noiseless, so it does not interfere with your investigation.
  9. Highly sensitive. Detects EMF levels very quickly, which means it is very responsive.
  10. Measures a wide spectrum of EMFs from 50 Hz up to 20,000 Hz!

Paranormal Use:

The K2 EMF meter is used by Ghost Hunters to find indications of paranormal activity by looking for sudden erratic readings (spikes) of the lights on the K2 meter . A man made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) creates a steady reading while the spirit worlds energy is believed to be what creates the impulse readings on the K2 EMF meter. Researchers using the K-II EMF meter have been able to do what seems to be actual communication sessions with what is believed to be ghosts. The ghost is simply instructed to light up the lights on the meter in response to specific questions. For example, the ghost can be asked to respond with spiking up the lights of the K2 meter once for a No answer to a question and to light up the lights of the K2 EMF meter twice for a Yes answer to a question.

The fact that the K2 EMF meter uses lights to notify you of various levels of EMF strength makes the meter perfect for use in dark or low light environments. Since the lights will only go off when you have a significant increase in the EMF field you will not be distracted by smaller normal variations in the EMF field. Since the lights on the K2 EMF meter will light up "like a Christmas tree" when you get a sudden spike it is easy to notice suspected paranormal activity.

The K2 meter is extremely portable, rugged and economical. You can easily carry the K2 EMF meter with you wherever you go. The K2 meter case is hard rugged plastic that can withstand shocks and rainy weather. The K2 EMF meter is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. under the highest quality control standards. The K2 EMF meter was designed to be economical and hence the 9V battery installed in the K2 meter will last for many months.

The K-II EMF meter is calibrated at 60 Hz. However it measures frequencies from 30 to 20,000 Hz. This makes the meter unique and is one of the reasons it has been used with such amazing results in ghost hunting. The wide range covered by the K-II EMF meter ensures that you do not miss any energy emitted by a suspected ghost. No one has so far been able to pin down which frequency the spirit world dwells or communicates in. Therefore, using the K2 EMF meter optimizes your possibility to capture indications of paranormal activity.

The K2 meter also has been proven to be very powerful and samples EMF readings very fast, hence making it a super sensitive paranormal research tool. The wide range of frequencies and sensitivity of the K2 EMF meter also means that the K2 meter will register a cell phone that is within 2 feet from the meter and that is actively receiving or sending a voice or text message. However, to rule out any possibility of that you are actually picking up a reading from your cell phone or walkie-talkie, make sure that they are turned off during an investigation or to keep them at a good distant away while using the K-II meter for paranormal research. Also, test all your electronic equipment with the K2 meter before an investigation so that you know if they set of the K2 EMF meter or not and how close you would have to be to the K2 meter with such equipment to set the K2 meter off.

Also: Comes with instructions for Paranormal Research and for every-day EMF tracking use (such as checking for potential harmful man-made sources of EMF from cellular phones and around your home or work environment).

Health Use:

Use the K2 EMF meter to measure the EMF level around you to protect yourself from potentially harmful long term overexposure to EMFs. The U.S. Government has issued a warning of the potential health risk of long term exposure to higher EMF levels. The recommendation is to use "Prudence Avoidance". The K-II EMF meter (K2 EMF meter) was produced as an easy to use portable tool to assist you with staying away from high EMF fields.

Simple Operational Instructions:

The K-II EMF meter is a single axis type of EMF meter and measures the EMFs from directly above and below the lit lights.

The K-II EMF meter produces a self test lighting up all the lights when you turn it on and then settles at the first light, keeping the first light lit as an indication of that the meter is in operations mode.

The K-II EMF meter measures EMF strengths in the scale of milliGauss.

1st Light (GREEN) indicates a Normal background EMF field which we always have around us between 0 to 1.5 mG
2nd Light (GREEN) indicates a Low Level EMF 1.5 to 2.5 mG
3rd Light (YELLOW) indicates a Mid Level EMF in the range between 2.5 to 10 mG
4th Light (ORANGE) indicates a High Level EMF field in the range between 10 to 20 mG
5th Light (RED) indicates an Extremely High EMF of 20+ mG

Technical Specifications:

  • Push Tab to Turn "On" Push Tab to Turn "Off"
  • Easy to read Multi-Segment LED Display
  • Detects the ELF range (50 to 1,000Hz) & VLF range (1,000 to 20,000Hz)
  • Five level milliGauss ranges
  • 50 & 60 Hz operation
  • 9Vdc Operation
  • Single Axis
  • Accuracy of ±5% at 50-60Hz
  • Instantaneous Response To EMF Fluctuations & Spikes

~~~ 60 Days Manufacturer Warranty ~~~