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    DYS Digital Kitchen Food Thermometer Probe with Sensor Cap -50ºC~300ºC

    Range: -50ºC ~ 300ºC (-58ºF ~ 572ºF) Resolution: +/- 0.1ºC

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    CEM DT-70 Deep-frying Oil Tester / Oil Quality Meter
    New Poduct
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    CEM IR-95 Food Safety Infrared Thermometer with Probe, -40~280ºC 4:1
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    CEM IR-97 Food Safety Infrared Thermometer HACCP indication light, -35~260ºC 20:1
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    D:S = 20:1

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    AZ88160 USB Temperature Datalogger PDF Report Waterproof IP67 -30~+70℃

    Waterproof IP67, Datalogging Memory: 48,000 records.

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    HM Digital TM-1000 Digital Safety Cooking Food Kitchen Thermometer

    Range: -50ºC ~ 250ºC (-58ºF ~ 482ºF) Resolution: +/- 0.1ºC

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