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    DAS P-SB7 AM/FM EVP Spirit Ghost Box Rev 4
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    A mini size Spirit Box. Both AM & FM Frequency Sweep Radio. New noise cancellation circuit.

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    Mel-8704R AC/DC EMF, Temperature & Flashlight in One Handheld instrument

    EMF Meter with IR safe Red Backlight Display is Designed Exclusively for Paranormal Investigators

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    Mel-8704R-REM-ATDD with AC/DC EMF, Hot & Cold Spot Alarm & EMF Radiating Antenna

    EMF, Temperature, Glow Buttons, Red Flashlight, Hot & Cold Spot Alarm and EMF Radiating Antenna

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    CA-52A Deluxe Soft Padded Carrying Case with Belt Loop and Shoulder Strap

    Compatible With All Mel Meter Products

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    5mW Laser Pointer with 5 Kaleifoscopic Patterns

    5-in-1 laser pointer with 5 exchangeable caps, Color: Green / Red / Violet

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