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Shieldgreen EMF Shielding Curtain (Staric 25%, Light Grey)
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Shieldgreen EMF Shielding Curtain (Staric 25%, Light Grey)

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Brand: Shieldgreen
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EMF Shielding & Earthing therapy

Shieldgreen EMF Shielding Curtain Fabric
Stainless steel yarn Staric 25%

HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields), LF(Low frequency alternating electrical fields) EMF Shielding Fabric that stainless steel, cotton, Polyester Spun Yarn (Staric 25%)

  • Curtain Size(cm) : 145cm(W) x 229cm(H) x 2 pieces
  • Colour: Light gray
  • Material: Staric 25% (Stainless steel yarn 25%, Cotton 41%, Polyester 34%)
  • Feature: 30 cotton touch
  • Staric 25% fabric able to reduce maximum 40dB(99.9%) at 1.5GHz standard
  • Weight: 230g/m2
  • Characteristic: Texture sililar to plain cotton
  • Laundry is free, Eco-friendly fibers that do not cause metal pollution, heavy metals, stainless steel nano!
    (Elimination of electric potential due to electromagnetic waves + electromagnetic field shielding)
  • Use in living room and bedroom to shield and reduce EMF from external radiation sources, such as telecom tower, radio station, radar disc, etc.
  • Possible earthing therapy is your health and fashion item!!!